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This week, I learned how to use Evernote to keep me organized by saving all the information that I find in one cloud. I can save texts, snapshots, audio and videos and retrieve it whenever I want and wherever I am by accessing my computer, Ipad or Iphone. As I look through my Feedly, a great blog that relates to this week’s session is called “7 things you can do with Evernote and Feedly“. The blog talks about the popularity of people using Evernote and Feedly together. As I read through the blog, I learned that I can use Evernote and Feedly together to research a school project, write a novel, organize recipes, gather travel ideas, find my dream house, decorate my home orĀ find a new job. Both Evernote and feedly share a common goal of helping people work smarter and more efficiently by organizing the knowledge and information that matters to them.



Evernote has now become one of my tools that I will be using constantly to store information and share it with people around me. I think is a great tool for educational purposes as it will help me share research information with my group members. I won’t have to print out all the articles I find to show my group members as they are able to view the articles that I have saved onto my Evernote.

As I add Evernote on to my PLE, the categories it goes under are connecting, creating, organizing and gathering information. As I develop and become a Digital Citizen, I am learning all the great tools that are benefiting me in life. There are so many digital tools that I was unaware of that I was lacking in digital literacy. As I learn more and more about the many different tools, I am gaining knowledge on becoming a better Digital Citizen.



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  1. Tom Jakobs June 12, 2014 at 10:31 pm | | Reply

    Hi Teresa! I am also making good use of Evernote and you brought up a good point about using it in combination with our feed reader. Even though Feedly can be to help you be more efficient by bringing you information you only have interest in, you may still feel overwhelmed with the amount of articles that are linked to your account. By using Evernote you can easily save an article to read later instead of scrolling through your feed to try and find it again. This cuts the searching time in half especially if your Feedly account is subscribed to a lot of websites who frequently release new material. Thanks for the tip!

    -Tom Jakobs

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